Indulge yourself with a massage. Our trained staff offers very relaxing treatments


A sparkling Swimmingpool is very popular with children, but with adults as well.


Discover this hilly region on Mountainbikes. Rent your bike at Kwayedza Lodge.


The Vumba Mountains are a hiker's paradise. Enjoy a guided or non-guided walk.


Vumba Mountain is an Important Bird Area (IBA) where you can spot over 420 species.

Botanical Garden

This well known Botanical Garden is the habitat of rare plants and a lush scenic place.

Game Park

A gamepark near-by offers guided game walks and game viewing on horseback.

Golf Course 18 holes

An excellent Golf Course is situated about 15 km from Kwayedza Lodge in the Vumba Mountains>

Coffee plantation

A scenic drive let you visit a coffee plantation, where Eastern Highlands coffee is harvested.


Several pretty waterfalls are nestled in the Bunga Virgin Forest. A guided roundtrip let you visit them.